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Welcome to Affinity Dental - Bridgwater

Bridgwater Neighborhoods newest addition for all your oral health needs

Are you looking for a dentist in bridgwater? At Affinity Dental we are here to help! We’re happily accepting new patient and emergency appointments at our new ,state of the art dental clinic. Whether you are a morning, evening, or weekend person we can accommodate you with our weekend and extended hours availability.

Your oral health experts for bridgwater

and surrounding areas (linden woods, white ridge, south pointe)

Our Dentists bring over 20 years of experience and training in providing the highest caliber of care in a relaxing and compassionate manner.

From routine dental cleanings and fillings to dental implants , and cosmetic treatments we offer Dentistry for the entire family and welcome patients of all ages.

Let our family care for yours

We are excited to join bridgwater’s welcoming and family-friendly community and hope to be your go to source for all things oral health.

Let our family of oral health care professionals help your family achieve their oral health goals. At Affinity Dental We believe in treating every patient with the utmost professionalism, compassion and respect to make sure fear of the Dentist becomes a thing of the past .

Contact Affinity Dental today to see how we can help you keep smiling !

Who We Are

Affinity Dental was born in 2018, when Dr. Artiom Margolin joined Dr. Blair Peters in Dental practise. The name Affinity was chosen to reflect the belief that the practise of Dentistry is predicated on the creation and nurturing of strong relationships. We like to think of Affinity Dental as a big family where everyone are treated with compassion and respect and truly feel part of the family.

Our Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

You're not the only one with a less radiant smile. Let us help you restore the light in your smile.

Dental Cleaning

Our maintenance and preventive services are exactly what you need when it's teeth cleaning and inspection time.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental bridges will help fill any gaps in your smile, preventing your teeth from shifting out of alignment.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a practical, aesthetically attractive, and long-lasting remedy for tooth loss.

Dental Cleaning

Our maintenance and preventive services are exactly what you need when it's teeth cleaning and inspection time.


A few teeth or a full top and bottom row can be replaced by dentures. While some dentures can be removed, others are fixed in place.

General Dentistry

An integral component of a healthy lifestyle is dental care. You can have a strong, beautiful, and bright smile by taking care of your natural teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Is your smile no longer as radiant as it once was? It's not just you. You're searching for a teeth-whitening procedure.

Snoring Appliances

Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders not only degrade your quality of sleep but also carry significant health risks. Fortunately, we carry dental appliances that help address both.

Dental Veneers

Trying to address a few cosmetic issues with your teeth right now? Consider talking to your dentist about veneers.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

It's often not until your late teens or early 20's that your wisdom teeth start to show.

Dental Fillings

Whether you have cavities, cracks or ships, our dental fillings will restore the appearance and structure of your teeth.

Root Canal

Regardless if it's an infection or tooth decay, our root canal procedure will ensure your smile stays safe.

TMJ Treatment

Headaches, craniofacial pain and waking up with sore jaws are more than just inconvenient, they could also be a sign of a TMJ flare-up.

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