Wisdom Tooth Removal

Dentists will educate you about the procedure and discuss sedation options in case you are feeling anxious.

Service Overview

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the jaws to erupt and often make themselves known in ones teens or early 20’s. Through continued evolution over the last few hundred years our mouths have become smaller and often cannot accommodate these additional teeth. This results in Wisdom teeth often becoming stuck in the jaw bone (impacted). Impacted wisdom teeth can cause: damage to adjacent teeth, infection, formation of cysts , and other abnormalities. The potential harm Wisdom teeth can cause is the reason for why their removal is often recommended even when no symptoms are present. Our expert Henderson Dentists at Affinity Dental in East Kildonan, will check for the presence and position of your wisdom teeth During a routine examination or in the presence of symptoms. If removal of wisdom teeth is recommended the procedure will be thoroughly explained and service options can be selected depending on the complexity of impaction and individual patient preferences. Regardless of the clinical condition we will always do our best to ensure your comfort and well being. Affinity Dental is your top choice for wisdom tooth removal in Winnipeg.