Dentures In Winnipeg

When you picture a set of dentures, you might think back to the wooden teeth from the 18th century. But dental technology has come a long way since then. Today, they’re a natural-looking and functional solution for missing or damaged teeth.  

What are dentures? They are artificial sets of teeth used to replace teeth that are missing or decayed. Dentures can replace a few teeth, or an entire top and bottom row. Some dentures are removable, while others are permanently attached via dental implants. 

Before your dentures can be fitted to your mouth, your dentist will remove any existing natural teeth. Then, they’ll create a set of partial or complete dentures that fit the dimensions of your mouth.

At our denture clinic, we offer a variety of service options for missing teeth. Wondering if dentures are right for you? We’re going to provide an overview of your options:

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Benefits Of Dentures

Are replacement teeth right for you? Complete and partial dentures can transform your smile and improve your quality of life. A few of their main benefits include:

They make it easier to chew

Dentures are just as strong as natural teeth. When you wear them, you won’t have trouble chewing tough foods, including meat, fruit, or vegetables.

The foods you love shouldn’t cause you pain. With dentures, you can eat without experiencing pain or sensitivity from decayed teeth.

Support facial structures

Without stimulation from your teeth, the bones in your jaw and cheeks will begin to deteriorate. This can cause changes in your facial structure, including more wrinkles, flatter lips, and sagging cheeks. Prevent this by wearing dentures.

A beautiful smile

If you have missing or damaged teeth, you might feel self-conscious about your smile. You may even hide it when you’re talking, laughing, or posing for photos. At our dental clinic, we’ll create a beautiful set of teeth that make you feel confident about your smile.

Pricing Of Dentures

The price of your dentures will vary based on how many missing teeth you have and the type of dentures that you choose. For instance, partial dentures may replace only the top or bottom rows of your teeth. Complete dentures replace every tooth in your mouth. 

Dental implants are the most costly option, but they also last the longest—they’re a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Permanent Dentures

What if your dentures not only looked like real teeth, but acted like them, too? With implant supported dentures, your artificial teeth will be permanently attached to your lower and/or upper jaw. 

A dental implant is supported by a titanium rod, which is installed into the jawbone. Your dentures attach directly to this rod for a secure and permanent fit. Dental implants can be used to replace a full set of teeth or select areas of your mouth.

Denture Repairs

Over time, your dentures may become looser. This can happen when parts of them get worn out, or the structure of your face changes. 

There may be chips or fractures in the artificial teeth. If these minor defects aren’t repaired, they could cause the dentures to break further. Whenever you have any issues, visit our dental clinic.

Night & Sports Mouthguards

Do you play sports? If so, make sure to protect your pearly whites! Use a mouthguard whenever you’re playing sports to prevent damage to your teeth.

Mouthguards can also be used to protect your teeth from grinding. If you deal with bruxism, the constant pressure from your jaws can injure your teeth and your dentures. It may interfere with the healing process of your dental implants.  

By protecting your teeth from injuries, you can avoid the need for dentures in the first place! We can create a mouthguard that perfectly fits your teeth and protects them from damage.

Emergency Denture Care

What happens if your dentures are lost or damaged? You don’t want to attend work or a family dinner with missing teeth! Dentures can be broken by eating, cleaning, or impact damage.

At Affinity Dental, we understand that accidents happen. That’s why we offer emergency denture repairs for when you need fast solutions. 

Interested In A Custom Set Of Dentures?

At our denture clinic, we offer a variety of treatment options; whether you’re looking for dental implants, partial dentures, or full dentures, we can help. 

We want to help you achieve the healthy smile that you’ve always dreamed of. Contact Affinity Dental today to schedule your consultation.