Invisalign in Winnipeg

You want straighter teeth, but you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of braces. The wires are bulky, the brackets are sharp, and you can’t stand the way they look! You’re wanting a more subtle orthodontic treatment—one that you can put on as needed, and remove when you don’t. For that, you’ll need Invisalign clear aligners.

If you’re looking for a way to straighten crooked teeth without the use of conventional braces, then Invisalign might be right for you.

Are you interested in scheduling a consultation? At Affinity Dental, we can meet with you to determine whether you’re a good candidate for this service. We’re going to share more about how these devices work, and how they can benefit you:

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What Is Invisalign?

If you saw someone wearing Invisalign trays, you may not even know it. The clear plastic of Invisalign fits directly over your natural teeth for a smooth, precise fit. Depending on which teeth you want to straighten, you may wear one or two trays.

The plastic itself is BPA-free, so it’s completely safe for use. With every adjustment, the position of each tooth is slightly shifted. Over time, it creates a smile that’s as straight as can be.

The Process

During your first appointment, your dentist will meet with you to consult about whether you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. 

If you choose to move forward, they’ll take impressions of your teeth. Each tooth will need to be measured to make the aligners as accurate and form-fitting as possible.
Dentists can use x-rays or digital scanners to create these accurate impressions of your teeth. Once they’re created, the trays may need to be adjusted during your initial fitting to make sure they fit just right. 

Since the trays are moulded to each tooth, your dentist will make slight adjustments to their position. After the first appointment, your Invisalign clear aligners will need to be adjusted approximately once every two weeks.
The aligners are altered at every appointment until your teeth are completely straight. You can expect to feel some mild discomfort as your teeth move.

The Benefits

You’re on the fence about which orthodontic treatment is right for you. Here’s why you should consider Invisalign over conventional orthodontic treatment:


They’re removable

With braces, the brackets are permanently glued to your teeth until your orthodontist removes them. This can lead to years of feeling self-conscious about your smile and avoiding certain foods.

But you can take off your Invisalign aligners whenever you want to eat or drink. Maybe you have a special occasion coming up, and you’d like to remove them for an hour or two—no problem! In general, aim to wear the clear plastic aligners for ~22 hours each day.


Clear aligners make it easy to keep your teeth clean

Traditional braces are highly effective at straightening your teeth. But what they aren’t as good for is your oral hygiene. Food and bacteria can get stuck under the wires of the braces, leading to decay and stains. With Invisalign treatment, you can remove the trays whenever you need to brush your teeth.


They’re more comfortable than traditional braces

The metal wires and brackets used with conventional braces can damage the delicate tissues in your mouth. Some patients need to place dental wax over the braces just to avoid irritating the insides of their cheeks or lips. But with Invisalign, you won’t feel a thing.


Perfect for teenagers

Do you remember being a teenager? For many people, it’s a time marked by self-discovery, but also self-consciousness. Many teens don’t want to wear braces during this time.

The discretion of Invisalign trays is perfect for teens. Even if molars are still emerging, your dentist can add eruption tabs to the trays so that there will be enough space for them.

How Does Invisalign Work

Is it really possible to straighten overly crowded teeth using Invisalign? Here’s how it works:

Invisalign trays are designed to fit the exact dimensions of your teeth. But in areas where teeth need to be straightened, the aligners will gradually move them into their new positions. This is done by making slight adjustments every couple of weeks so that the teeth aren’t moved too quickly. 

Treatment Duration & Costs

Orthodontic treatment has many advantages, but one of the biggest barriers to it is the cost. Another obstacle that patients face is the duration of the treatment. Not everyone is prepared to commit to several years of wearing braces. 

Invisalign treatment typically takes less time than conventional braces to straighten teeth. And in most cases, the average price of Invisalign is comparable to braces. The cost will depend on how long you need treatment for, how frequently you get adjustments, and the current condition of your teeth. 

Taking Care Of Your Invisalign Aligners 

When you aren’t wearing your aligners, you should take the time to clean them! If any debris gets stuck in the plastic, it will be pressed against your teeth all day, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Wondering how often to clean them? Try to rinse your retainers every time you brush your teeth. Here’s how:

After you remove your trays, rinse them with warm water. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any food or residue. Toothpaste can be too abrasive on the retainer, so you may want to avoid it altogether. We suggest getting a toothbrush specifically for your Invisalign trays. 

If you take out your trays for any amount of time, place them in a protective case to keep them safe. 

For a deeper clean, you might consider using an Invisalign cleaning solution. Submerge the trays in water and the sterilizing mixture; then, let them soak for several minutes. This is a highly effective way to remove any stains or lingering smells. 

Free Consultation 

Invisalign clear aligners can be worn by teenagers and adults. Most people won’t even know you’re wearing them!

The path to straight teeth is clearer than you might think. At our Winnipeg dental clinic, we can create a custom set of clear aligners for you. Interested in learning more? Contact Affinity Dental today to schedule your free consultation.