Years After Braces, Invisalign Can Bring Your Smile Back

person is getting invisaligns

Do you remember when you had braces? As a child or teenager, you may have been a bit embarrassed by the metal brackets attached to your teeth. Perhaps you felt shy when you smiled and couldn’t wait to get them taken off.  The day they were finally removed, you couldn’t believe the transformation; after years […]

Bleeding Gums: Causes & Treatment

getting tooth checked by a dentist

You already know that it’s important to take care of our teeth; you’ve heard it a thousand times, from your parents to the dentist. But what about your gums? These connective tissues deliver nutrients to our teeth and hold them firmly in place.  Some patients think that bloody or inflamed gums are nothing to worry […]

All Dentists At Winnipeg Dental Clinic Are Now Invisalign Certified

WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  Affinity Dental Clinic has some exciting news to share: As of November of this year, all of its dentists are Invisalign certified!  Affinity Dental’s Henderson and Bridgwater locations are both ready to provide Invisalign treatment for all patients.  And, to celebrate, Affinity Dental is offering free Invisalign consultations throughout the months of November […]

4 Tips To Protect Your Tooth Enamel

toothpaste being shaped into a tooth to remind you to protect your enamel.

Your teeth are more complex than they appear at first glance. They’re made up of many layers, all designed to protect your teeth and keep them healthy. But what happens when the outermost layer (the enamel) wears away?  Before we dive in, let’s clarify what tooth enamel is. It’s the hard outer layer of your […]

5 Ways Dental Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

smiling to show how clean and proper teeth need to be

When you see your smile, you might focus on what you want to change about it. Most of us have minor dental issues, like crooked teeth, stains, or gaps between our teeth. If only there were a way to correct all these dental flaws with just one treatment… Have you heard of dental veneers? You […]

Preventing Tooth Decay In Young Children

mother and daughter brushing their teeth together

When your child is still learning their ABCs, how do you teach them the importance of oral health? You know that when your kid gets older, they’ll thank you for encouraging great dental care. But at their current age, they’re more concerned with their newest toy or an upcoming playdate.  Even though baby teeth fall […]

Dental Implants Or Dentures?

teeth model being shown for dentures

As time passes, we lose things along the way – like our teeth, for example. The longer you go without a tooth, the more you realize how much you rely on your smile. Is it time to consider a replacement option? If so, you’re left with another question: Which type of tooth replacement option should […]

Top 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Sedation Dentistry

dentist has a tool to examine patients teeth

Does this sound like you? It’s time to book your next dental cleaning, but as usual, you keep putting it off.  That is a telltale sign of dental anxiety. You may experience other common symptoms, like: The thought of going to the dentist’s office makes your palms sweat. You have a hard time relaxing during […]

When Is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

tooth examination is being performed

You’ve noticed that your tooth is a bit sore. Even though it’s only causing mild discomfort, you can’t help but worry. The longer you ignore your toothache, the worse it gets. Is it time to call the dentist? You could be dealing with a root canal infection. The tooth’s root canal can become infected if […]

What To Expect When Having A Tooth Extracted

tooth extract being done by a dentist

You never want to lose a tooth, but an extraction may be the only way to prevent an infection from spreading. And if you have an impacted wisdom tooth, a surgical extraction will keep it from damaging other molars.  You might feel a bit uneasy about your upcoming extraction. Relax. When you’re in the care […]