Years After Braces, Invisalign Can Bring Your Smile Back

person is getting invisaligns

Do you remember when you had braces? As a child or teenager, you may have been a bit embarrassed by the metal brackets attached to your teeth. Perhaps you felt shy when you smiled and couldn’t wait to get them taken off. 

The day they were finally removed, you couldn’t believe the transformation; after years of waiting, you finally had a perfect smile.

But since then, you might have noticed that your teeth have shifted back into their original positions. It’s frustrating to see years of treatment disappear over time. What can you do to restore your smile?

Even if you’re longing for your former straight teeth, you might be reluctant to get metal braces once again. Luckily, there’s another option: Invisalign treatment. These clear and removable retainers will align your teeth without any metal brackets or wires. They’re effective, discrete, and fast. 

Ready to restore your smile? Years after braces, Invisalign can bring your smile back.  Here’s how:


What Makes Clear Aligners Different From Traditional Braces?

The thought of seeing the orthodontist again might stress you out. Most patients can’t juggle the inconvenience of traditional metal braces and frequent adjustments with their busy schedules.

But our Winnipeg Invisalign aligners are a lot different from wearing braces. Here’s how:


Treatment times are shorter

How long did you wear braces when you were younger? For most people, the average treatment time is 12-36 months. Invisalign retainers can typically straighten your teeth faster than metal braces. This varies on a case-by-case basis; be sure to ask your dentist about the length of your treatment. 


Fewer appointments

Traditional metal braces need adjustments every month. But with clear aligners, you can make fewer trips to the dentist’s office. The Invisalign experience involves less hassle and inconvenience than braces.


Less pain and discomfort

Do you remember the morning after your braces were put on? You probably felt intense discomfort and pain; whenever you bit down, it made you wince. Invisalign aligners cause pain less often than braces do. Most patients experience very mild discomfort when their aligners are adjusted. 


Why Do Teeth Shift Later in Life?

As the years go by, our teeth gradually shift for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Bruxism. Do you grind or clench your teeth? The forces from your jaw can cause your teeth to shift. To preserve your straight smile, you can try wearing a mouthguard at night.
  • Not wearing your retainer. Once you finished your initial orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist probably gave you a set of retainers and instructions about how often to wear them. If you don’t wear your retainers, then your teeth will gradually shift out of alignment. 
  • Wisdom teeth. You probably didn’t have all your molars when you first got braces. But once you reach adulthood, your wisdom teeth start to erupt from your gums. If you don’t have enough space for your third molars, your other teeth will start crowding together to make room. To prevent this, you can get your wisdom teeth extracted. 

Our teeth naturally shift back to their original position. Over the years, you’ll notice them becoming more crooked. Your teeth may change position due to one or all of these reasons. 

At the end of the day, you might wind up with a smile that’s more crooked than you remembered. It’s frustrating to see your teeth move back to their pre-braces positions. But with Invisalign, we can bring your smile back in alignment. 


The Benefits of Wearing Invisalign Aligners

If you wore braces as a teenager, then you already know how beneficial orthodontic treatment can be. But unlike braces, clear aligners offer the same benefits without the inconvenience of metal brackets and wires. Choose Invisalign, and you’ll enjoy the following benefits:


They’re removable

Take out your Invisalign aligners whenever you’re eating or on special occasions. You don’t have to worry about braces getting in the way when you brush and floss; simply remove your aligners to clean your teeth. For the fastest and most effective results, we recommend wearing aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day.


They’re clear

If you didn’t like how metal braces looked on your teeth, don’t worry. From a distance, most people won’t even know you’re wearing your Invisalign retainers. That’s because they’re made of clear BPA-free plastic. Unlike wearing braces, you can wear your Invisalign retainers all day long, and no one will know!


Maintain good oral hygiene

Cleaning braces is no easy task; you need to use special toothbrushes and floss picks to clean in between the brackets. For this reason, many people develop cavities during their orthodontic treatment.

Since Invisalign retainers are removable, you’ll find brushing much easier. It’s no problem to clean between each tooth! You can take out the trays when you eat to prevent them from getting dirty. Protect your oral health and align your smile with Invisalign.


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After all the time and money that you (or your parents) invested in your initial orthodontic treatment, seeing your teeth become crooked again is frustrating. But there’s another solution rather than getting braces all over again: 

Invisalign retainers are clear, convenient, and just as effective!

Ready to begin your Invisalign treatment? At Affinity Dental, we can restore your beautiful smile with clear aligners that are virtually invisible. Even years after braces, Invisalign can bring your smile back! 

Our dentists can create a custom treatment plan to straighten your teeth with this convenient and discrete solution. They’re designed to fit the exact dimensions of your teeth for comfortable and effective treatment. 

We’ll give you a new smile that’s straight and here to stay! For more information about Invisalign treatment or general inquiries (about oral hygiene, dental implants, and more), book your appointment today!